Integrative Body Work


Work on healing through an integrative process of thai body therapeutics, cranial sacral therapy, reiki, breath work, visualization and pranayama, using the breath to move your energy.

Spiritual Coaching

Do you feel stuck? Are you in need of a little boost in energy, a change of direction? Or maybe just an opportunity to clear out old patterns of thinking and open space for new light to get in? Take some time to set some new goals and get moving. Develop a personal yoga and meditation practice to enhance your life.  Food & Spirit Consultations.


Develop a personal practice, learn how to integrate meditation into your daily life.

Private Yoga Instruction


Take your practice to a new level, integrate yoga into your daily living


One of the most effective ways to change the oxidation in your body, to improve your health, decrease stress and become more energetic is through an enhanced process of breathing. Try a one hour session and see just how far your lungs can stretch.

Session Fees: All 1 hour sessions cost $100. Sliding scale payment is available. For more information contact